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Dear Dr Kharat

I was extremely delighted to know that you have been appointed as a visiting joint replacement surgeon at Raheja hospital at Mahim, Mumbai . You truly deserve to reach great positions and my heartiest congratulations for the same. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and relatives for any orthopedic consultation or surgery. I am writng this for the benefit of all the patients that may come to you. In 2007 I fell down in the bathroom and broke my hip bone and needed emergency surgery and hip replacement . I was admitted to Ruby hall clinic and Grant medical foundation in Pune where Dr Kharat was to operate on me. I was quite apprehensive though my nephew who is CEO at that hospital assured me that he was very good. I was in the xray room when he came to meet me he spoke very few words but so lovingly and caringly that I was prepared to be completely under his care. And what care and affection he has shown me and also towards all his patients is very rare to find in doctors today as patients have become moneymaking machines for them. Dr Kharat was a doctor working in a British hospital but he opted to come to India and serve his country and bring up his children in Eastern culture like my husbandand I haddone many years back. After my operation the next day I was sitting and second day walking with the walker. I started doing exercises he recommended and also my own as I am Reebok certified fitness instructor. I came home on the 10th day and was asked to wear tight stockings for a month day and night. The same night I was so uncomfortable with October heat I had to call him middle of the night and very frightened I asked him if I could remove the stockings after apologizing for disturbing him at that unearthly hour. And what he did was started laughing and told me he was not disturbed atall and if I felt confident as far as my walking and balance was concerned I could do so. I never touched those stockings after that. I was told to take care for 3 months not to let both knees touch eachother , not to cross legs which I did. But my whole life I have worked and been into social work so I was restless to go back. Within a month I called him again and asked if I could drive and he said if you feel confident do so and you will fly. I did exactly the same and never regretted . Apart from being not only one of the best but the best doctor to me he is a great human being. His approach to the patients gives them confidence in him. He has performed some of the rarest operations at Ruby hall clinic one being on an Iranian boy and the article had appeared in all English papers. I was operated second time last year for my back operation and he has done a wonderful job , a stitchless operation and within 15 days I flew abroad for my granddaughters wedding . At the wedding I met a friend and colluege of my daughter who had the same problem and was already operated in England 3 times with no concrete result and was surprised to see me so fit so soon after the operation. After the operation when I was in the recovery room with his phone camera he took a picture of me and him together and sent it to my daughter. Which doctor will do this onlyone who truly cares for his patients and their relatives as relatives are second order patients. For this reason I will never go to any other orthopedic surgeon ever . Period. Your truly grateful patient Mrs Aban P.Bhote. 77 years old.

Dr Kharat if you feel like you can display this letter at Raheja hospital and all the best in your new venture.

Hello Doctor!!

First of all I thank you for all the cooperation and concern you had during the admission of my dad. We took him back to my native place and also he was able to attend the function of my sister happily. Now he is not at all taking any pain killers, he him self has controled on that. He is able to bend the knee about 110 degrees and that to within a span of 1 month which is really good. He is perfectly fine with his heart as well and thanks to Ritu Madam for her expert advice and coperation renedered.

I really thank you and happily say I that, you are the Best doctor we have met. The best part I liked was you never miss to keep us updated and also never miss to answer our calls and messages. Because of your such a good attitude everything went so well that we didnt realise it was such a major operation.

It is really a good job you are doing, even my dad never stops telling about you to all those whoever came to meet him. He even saw those photos sent by you and shows them to many people..

We all thank you for all that you did and really happy with the TKR. Any time any body needs any thing to know on you can give them my no. I will happily guide them.

Thank you very much for everythings again.

Sonali Bakare
Proud daughter of Basappa Malode(your Patient).

Dear Dr. Kharat,

I’m a 65 year old American woman living near Ahmednagar, about 2 hours away from Pune. I knew that knee surgery was inevitable but I, like many others, put it off as long as possible. But I finally got to the point where I was quite disabled and in pain most of the time so I did some research and decided to have a knee replacement with Dr. Kiran Kharat at Aditya Birla Hospital. It was an excellent choice. Not only were the surgeon and the hospital outstanding, the nursing and other staff could not have been better! The PT department was also amazing and since the long-term success of joint replacements depends on the skills of the Physio Therapists and well as the surgeon, I felt very fortunate to have such a great team.

I'm now 7 weeks post- op and I'm doing very well. I still have to do PT 4 times a day plus a long, brisk walk or other aerobic activity every day. I’m also able to practice yoga again. I'm down to one PT appointment per week and I'm off pain-killers, except for the occasional Advil or Brufin. I'm so glad it's over and the worst is behind me! I have more mobility than I've had in about 10 years and I can comfortably climb stairs and do other things that were extremely painful before my surgery. The first few weeks were tough but now I’m at the payoff point – there’s very little discomfort and it’s easy to see that it’s all been well worth it.

Thanks Again,
Cindy Lowe

Dear Dr. Kharat,

Amazing Photos. What a happy patient. I am truly impressed with the quality of care and communication with me. It is rare to find physicians with the sincerity and compassion you and your team have shown. Kiran, you definitely have your priorities in line and I am honored to have you as my mother's surgeon. Please also pass on my appreciation to Dr. Sachin and the rest of your team. I hope we can meet when I visit Pune in mid June.

Dr.Darshan Kapadia
Texas, USA

Dear Dr. Kharat,

I write on behalf of my father, Mr. Rajkumar Gupta who underwent total replacement of the right shoulder at Ruby Hall Clinic on 11th Dec. 2009. It is almost 6 months now and my father has received a re-energised and painfree life after 20 years of agony and all because of you.

He is undergoing physiotherapy and has recovered 70% motion in the shoulder. . He has started rotating it also to some extent and I am sure it will become only better. His posture has improved and is generally more cheerful. We had recently been to Singapore and a cruise thereon for a holiday and he enjoyed phenomenally, thanks to you.

Earlier, I have seen him spend sleepless nights twisting and turning in bed due to pain in his right shoulder , which was earlier diagnosed as frozen shoulder but after meeting you came across as arthritis.

The comfort which we got after meeting you and in the professional manner i n
which you answered all our queries, helped him make up his mind for the
surgery. The entire recovery process was unimaginably comfortable and was as
per whatever was told to us. A big thank you to the Ruby Hall staff and
sisters who were very caring, compassionate and just wonderful.

Please accept my heartfelt regards and thanks . We are indebted to you for taking care of my father and curing him of long years of pain. My parents would be honoured to host you ,if you were to visit Alwar , Rajasthan anytime.

Gratefully yours,
Harsh Gupta
+91 97644 00011

Dear Dr. Kharat,

Today I have arrived back to  New Jersey from my three week trip to India .  During this short time, I criss-crossed India  and traveled to  Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Jorhat, Siliguri, Darjeeling , and Ambala Cantt,.  Every third day I was on the plane to visit the next place. 

Needless to say, the highlight of my tour and the soul purpose of my trip was to visit Pune and to support my sister through her bilateral knee replacement.   Although Shriram Bagle had told me many good things about you, including your extensive operating experience and the hospital's wonderful reputation, I now have had the good fortune to experience this first hand.  The minute my sister met you she was relieved, her apprehension turned into hope, and she was very comfortable with you. I too felt confident knowing my sister was in the hands of a skilled, concerned, and compassionate surgeon.

I am very thankful that you were the surgeon who operated on my sister's knees.  My sister and I are very pleased with the outcome of the surgery!  Her rehabilitation is going well as she is getting daily physical therapy.  Soon, I hope that she will be able to perform her daily life activities.

We are very pleased with your work, my sister cannot not stop talking about you; she is constantly ranting and raving about you.

Again, thank you for being so cooperative concerned, and going out of the way to make sure that my sister was at ease and recovering well.  Your talent and professionalism are very much appreciated.  Also, please send a special thank you to the hospital staff.  They were very caring, compassionate, and helpful.  You and the hospital staff have earned the highest regard from my sister and have addressed all of her concerns.

We are truly grateful for all that you and your staff have done for us!  If you happen to visit USA , we would be honored to have you over.

With Kind Regards,
Darshan Arora

Dear Dr. Kharat:

Thanks so very much once again for taking time out to write to me to tell me about my dad's progress.

This is the graciousness of doctors in India! They have this personal touch with the patients and their families, which is lacking here in the U.S. Everything is 'business' here. This country seriously lacks in warmth.

Anyway, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I can tell from dad's voice itself that he is very happy he got the surgery done, and that too, with you, Dr. Kharat.

Gratefully and sincerely



  orthopaedic surgeon pune


Dr Kiran Kharat,
Ruby hall clinic and Grant medical foundation,
Pune 411001.
Dear Sir,

                                              Sub- Letter of appreciation

No words are enough to thank you and your team of doctors and other aides for showing empathy, compassion, love, and guidance in my recent predictment when you sir operated on me for hip replacement after an accidental fall in my home in Mumbai.

Compared to the callous attitude of doctors I really went through agony for some hours before I was brought to Ruby hall and in your safe hands I was very happy and peaceful.

Your approach to your patient the first time inspired in me courage and confidence and with my positive attitude, determination and cooperation I am on my road to recovery very fast.

Also as I am a fitness instructor, nutritionist and aroma therapist I am aware of all physio exercises and my level of endurance and flexibility is very good.

Whenever I have a problem I will take the opportunity of consulting you which I hope you will not mind. Last word England's loss is India's gain.

Thanking you once again,

Yours truly,

Mrs. A. P. Bhote



Dear Dr. Kharat,

                                              Sub- Letter of appreciation

No words can express my thanks to you for seeing my dad Pesi Bhote at such short notice after one of his numerous falls on the scooter which he just won't stop riding. I really wish he now listens to your advice as may be you may have been able to get through to him.

I am also very grateful to you for the wonderful progress my mother has made with her hip replacement and only thanks go to you. You are indeed an outstanding surgeon and Britain has lost someone wonderful in you.

Please accept my thanks and should you be in our neck of the woods please do get my telephone numbers from Bomi and pay us a visit. I would love it if my husband could meet you. He has only heard of you from all of us.

Best wishes to your family and thanks for everything once again.

Best wishes.

Aban and Pesi's eldest daughter Mrs Yasmin Mody (I was there at the time of my mother's hip replacement op)


Dear Dr. Kharat,

                                              Sub- Letter of appreciation

On behalf of my mother-in-law Mrs Deepa Khiani who underwent Total Knee Replacement for both her legs on Jan 10th and March 04th 2008 respectively.

Needless to say it all started when she first met you on 05 th Jan 2008 and was not at all ready to undergo the surgery, but it all changed in 15 minutes when she interacted with you personally and felt the comfort level. We all suggested her to take a second opinion but all in vain, it was kind of magic that played in her mind and she now for a change wanted to get the surgery done as soon as possible and from you only.

I am very thankful that you were the surgeon who operated my mother-in-law's knees. She is very pleased with the outcome of both the surgeries. Her rehabilitation is going absolutely fantastic. Soon, I believe she will be able to perform her daily activities and that even without any pain.

My mother-in-law and my husband Arun Khiani who also underwent knee Arthroscopy cannot stop talking about you and are prasing you with whomsoever they interact. Sir, this is sheer believe that we have in you.

Again, thank you for being so cooperative and concerned and going out of your way to make sure that she was at ease and recovered well. Your talent and professionalism is alot appreciated, also please send a special thank you to all the sisters and head matron of SR-5 ( Ruby Hall Clinic ) who took wonderful care of her at all times and that even with a grin on their face, this is what a patient requires the most.They were absolutely wonderful at all times.

Do let us know if at all you visit Kolkata. We will be most happy to serve you.

Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks once again for all your efforts.

Thank you !!

Chanchal A. Khiani
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