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M.S. ORTH (Pune),M.Sc., ORTH. (London) Dipl. LAMP (CARDIFF)
Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon
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Dr. Kiran Kharat - joint replacement surgeon consultant total knee replacement
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  Dr. Kiran Kharat - joint replacement surgeon consultant total knee replacement


MBBS, M.S Orth.(Pune), M.Sc. Orth. (London), Dipl. LAMP (Cardiff), BMAS


(Specialist hip and knee joint replacement surgeon-primary and revision)



Dr. Kharat studied in B J Medical School, Pune, and qualified as a medical practitioner in 1986. He was in the order of merit in Surgery and Orthopaedics. He completed his three-year residency training programme in Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery and graduated with honours, after successfully defending his thesis on lower femoral fractures, with a Masters degree in Orthopaedics (University of Pune) in 1990

He came to the UK on the higher specialist-training scheme with full sponsorship and holds full registration with the General Medical Council. After his higher surgical training he completed the M.Sc (Master of Science) postgraduate course in Orthopaedics under the guidance of Professor G Bentley and was awarded the M.Sc. Orth. Degree by University College London in 1996.

He also did a trauma and shoulder fellowship under the auspices of the AO group in Salzburg, Austria in June 1996 with Prof. H Resch

In addition to his Orthopaedic experience he has completed the two-year postgraduate LLM course from Cardiff University, Cardiff LAW School, under Viv Harpwood and was awarded the Diploma in the legal aspects of medical practice in 2001. He worked as a medico legal consultant and prepared reports for the courts and law practices in the United Kingdom.

He is also proficient in teaching and practicing acupuncture for musculoskeletal pain and arthritis. He has taught on national foundation courses for doctors as a group leader and holds the certificate of competence (COC) from the BMAS (British Medical Acupuncture Society).

He worked in Broomfield Hospitals, Essex, England, as a Specialist Orthopaedic surgeon, before his appointment as a Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon and Director of Joint Replacement Services in the prestigious RUBY HALL CLINIC in the historic city of Pune, affectionately known as the Oxford of the East. He has a wide experience of general orthopaedic surgery and trauma surgery. However he is proficient in joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee. He has performed more than 1000 joint replacements since 1998.His log book records more than 4000 total number of operations (elective and trauma).

He is well versed with the latest techniques in joint replacement surgery and minimal incision joint replacement surgery. He has used a range of hip and knee implants which have a proven worldwide track record in long-term survivorship. He has experience in joint replacement in the younger age group patient using uncemented implants.

In Ruby Hall Clinic he successfully treated approximately 200 patients with hip and knee arthritis by performing joint replacement surgery over his three year tenure where he successfully established the department of joint replacement surgery with the help of Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO and the Medical Director at that time Dr. A. Banerji.
  In addition to his professional qualifications he holds the following:
  Member British Medical Acupuncture Society
  Member AO Alumni Association
  Fellow British Orthopaedic Specialists Association
  Member British Orthopaedic Association
  Member British Medical Association
  Register of Continuing Professional Development from the Senate of Surgery of Great Britain and Ireland
  Life Member Indian Orthopaedic Association
  Life Member Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons
  Life Member Poona Orthopaedic Association
  Life Member Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association

His operation log book has details of 1000 joint replacements performed by him in his career so far

He was later appointed as Director and Senior Consultant of the Arthritis and Joint Replacement Unit at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital. This hospital is truly a world class medicity with the latest in healthcare technology located in the rapidly growing metropolis of the Pune Chinchwad Muncipal Corportaion (PCMC). He trained a dedicated team focused on improving the mobility of arthritis patients not only from this area but also from the rest of India and foreign nationals. He was available full time at ABMH and had a daily OPD schedule.

  Total Knee replacement-PFC (Johnson & Johnson), Genesis-cruciate retaining and sacrificing, AGC, LCS, simultaneous bilateral knee replacements
  Revision total knee replacements-from unicompartmental to total condylar, for infection, for loosening
  Impaction allografting femur, acetabuli
  Total Hip replacement-Charnley cemented Low Friction arthroplasty, Spectron cemented system, Exeter cemented system, CPT 12/14 taper cemented system, Corail uncemented THR, Trilogy uncemented acetabulum, ceramic heads, simultaneous bilateral hip replacements
  Revision total hip replacement
  Knee arthroscopy (no ligament reconstruction)-arthroscopic menisectomies, arthroscopic debridement and loose body removal, arthroscopic meniscal repair
  Ankle arthroscopy
  Foot surgery-corrective osteotomies, reconstructive surgery
  Trauma surgery-plating, nailing, external fixator techniques for long bone fractures
  BIOSKILLS workshops
  Techniques on saw bones
  Examination skills for exam going junior doctors
  Mentor on physiotherapy practitioner courses
  Mentor on nurse surgical practitioner courses
Group leader-National foundation courses for doctors, BRITISH MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE SOCIETY
Founder and Active member-Ruby Hall Clinic Hospital Infection Control
  Member- ABMH Infection Control Team

Hi current professional commitments are divided between Ruby Hall Clinic and Aditya Birla Memorial Hospitals. He is also empanelled at other prestigious hospitals in Pune like Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Nobel Hospital etc

He is available on a daily basis for his patients at Birla Hospital in the mornings and Ruby Hall Clinic in the afternoons. His private consulting chambers- Mobility Bone and Joint Clinic, are located on the bustling Nagar road in Pune adjacent to Hotel Hyatt. He is available there from 6 to 8 pm from Monday to Friday

  1000 total joint replacements (THR & TKRís) since 1998
  4315-total number of operations (includes joint replacements, trauma, hand, foot surgery) since 1999
  Published thesis in India-
  Published thesis in UK-
  National and International poster and paper presentations
  Faculty on various national and international arthroplasty courses

EMAIL: kiran.kharat@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.jointreplacementepxert.com

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