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M.S. ORTH (Pune),M.Sc., ORTH. (London) Dipl. LAMP (CARDIFF)
Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon  
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Surgical skills and experience is one of the very important factors for excellent clinical outcome. The outcome of surgery is also dependent on the quality of care received throughout the patient's stay in hospital and the performance of a considerable number of health professionals, all of whom are influenced by the environment in which they work. Dr.Kharat has more than 14 years of surgical experience in the United Kingdom and has special expertise in joint replacement surgery. He brings his vast experience to India and has gathered a team of professionals whose sole purpose is to facilitate the patient's journey to full independence!

World class implants manufactured by well-known companies like Johnson & Johnson (DePuy), Zimmer, Stryker, Howmedica, Smith & Nephew are easily available in India . All of these implants have stood the test of time and have numerous publications in reputed peer reviewed journals testifying their long-term survivorship. Dr.Kharat has successfully used and implanted these various designs and is well versed with all systems in various clinical scenarios from simple to complex deformities.

Rapid recovery is synonymous with good surgical practice. This includes excellent surgical skill, well-designed implants, good physiotherapy and good nursing care. Dr.Kharat believes in early mobilization and has introduced and implemented the Total Integrated Care pathway successfully for the first time in Pune. The pathway brings European clinical standards to Indian shores and allows a well-informed patient to become motivated in his own recovery through a customized clinical pathway, which clearly defines the roles of all the healthcare providers involved in the care of the patient.

Advanced pain management means a comfortable pain free postoperative recovery period. Dr. Kharat uses a cocktail of proven drugs infiltrated in the local tissues along with advanced anesthesia to ensure that each and every patient is comfortable as regards pain and thus able to comply early with physiotherapy. All patients undergoing joint replacement are given epidural anesthesia by well-qualified compassionate anesthetists.

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